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World Class Achievement Requires Teamwork

What Requires Teamwork?

World class performers learn to see their greatest achievements as a team effort. They realize grand achievements demand more than any one person can deliver. They enlist other great performers to join the team, and often give most of the credit for their achievements to these talented team members. They have graduated from the ego driven stage of the self made man/woman theory, realizing that there is no such thing. They love the admiration for their achievements, yet are more than happy to share the kudos with their teammates. This shared work/credit philosophy allows champions to take on big projects with bold vision. When they approach an opportunity, they think of the talent they will have to assemble to be successful, with little or no thought of who will get the credit for their success. Their world view of achievement seems to be, “It takes a village.”

In some cases, champions are the team leaders, yet they are willing to be subordinates if it serves the best interests of the project and/or makes the most sense strategically. In the mind of champions, hard work and achievement are the building blocks of a successful and happy life.

Action Step for today: Create a dream list of the ten people you would most like to serve on your team. Next to each name, list the reasons you selected that person. Make this list even if you don’t have a major project in mind. The simple act of identifying these people will set off a series of thought processes that will lead you to the perfect project for this team.

Quote: “What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind, there are just four major essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best you have in you. Seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.” Benjamin Fairless (former president of U.S. Steel)

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