Why Not Me? Using Your Skills and Talents!

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Remember David, the teenage shepherd boy of 1st Samuel?  While delivering supplies to his older brothers, he discovered that they and the entire Israelite army were paralyzed by the thunderous taunting of Goliath, the giant soldier defying anyone to come near him to fight.  It was as if every Israelite soldier was sitting there trembling and saying, “Not me!”  David, on the other hand said, “Why not me?”

Likewise, Christian leaders at work often step out and do what others are afraid to do.  It isn’t that they are necessarily any smarter or have better skills or resources.  What they do have available to them is a confidence based on the power of God to go because the Lord has given them the word to go!  David was sure the Lord had led him.  In fact, he said to the 9’9″ Philistine, “I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts…” (I Sam. 17:45)  David was no idiot.  He dared not go in his own power.  But he was also no coward.  And with a sure calling and with the presence and power of God, he knew certain victory was his for the taking.  Still, he had to step out in faith and face the giant.  He did his part.  And the Lord did His.  What a team!

David’s posture then, as opposed to “Why me?” was “Why not me?”

And why not you? If you’re going to run scared for the rest of your life, then you don’t need to ask the Lord for His help.  Just be scared and miss the blessing of usefulness.  A personal experience of my own came in 1996.  I believed the Lord was calling me to start a church in Wake Forest, NC.  I was seminary trained and had pastored other churches.  I had preached a lot for a man of my young age, but I knew nothing (absolutely nothing) about church planting.  No sweat; God did!  And I was sure He was had called me.  Were there anxious moments? (Yes!)  Uncertainties?  (Tons!)  Financial concerns.  (Oh, boy!)  Spiritual warfare?  (Like never before or since in my life.)  But the Lord had called me.  So with total assurance in His call and in His power, I went forward.  The rest is history…or His story.  Th! e transformation that took place was something I had never seen before at that level.  It continues today in that church!  It isn’t about the (wo)man.  It is about his/her God.

Instead of turning your head every time you see a need at work and asking, “Why me?” ask, “Why not me?”  Can the Lord use you to meet that need in your workplace?  Of course, He can if He has called you.  Maybe your company is facing a huge assignment or has some special need.  Let Him use you.  Why not?   Step up to the plate and ask of God, “Lord, do you want to use me for this?  I am your vessel.  Send me if you wish.”  What a valuable leader you become for your company when you are willing to assume this posture.  When the Lord has empowered you for the task, you can do anything.  Have a great Friday at work.  Make today count.  Ask the Lord to send you.  Why not?

David Cox

Who is David Cox?

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?”  Then I said, “Here am I.  Send me.”  Isaiah 6:8

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