Who Is On Your Kickball Team?

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Some organizations find it difficult to develop strong teamwork? The term teamwork is used often in many businesses, organizations, charity groups, and congregations. However, the use of the term and understanding of the term call for different skills to be developed.

There are some basic skills in developing strong teams. One of the first skills is the careful selection of those who make up the team.

Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid playing kickball at recess? Even though difficult and sometimes painful for some students, the process was very deliberate. Whether we liked it or not, some of us may have not been at the top of the list when putting the kickball team at recess together. I can remember there were many times that I was picked last, however, there were sometimes when I was at the top the list.

When putting a team together there is a simple process that can help in the development of a strong organization. The first process is to have a conversation with potential team members.

Understanding the heart and mind of an individual is key to the development of a strong team. You can find out in a very brief conversation if someone sees things the way you do. When you tell someone of the direction that you would like to take, it is essential to listen to his or her response. It is also important to ensure that you give them enough time to express their thoughts and feelings about the direction that you would like to take.

Do they think that your goals and direction are important and worthwhile?

Do they think that your goals can be accomplished?

Do they think that your goals and vision are important enough to invest their energy?

Are they willing to work with a diverse group of people?

Are they willing to change their ideas when better ideas are introduced to them?

These are some basic questions to ask when developing your team. It is like being at recess and taking on those you want to be part of the kickball team. This may sound simple but the overall goal for team development is to create an environment where skills and talents complement one another.

Who is on your kickball team?

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