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When God Instructs the Workplace

god at work When God Instructs the WorkplaceIn the book of Leviticus instructs the Israelite farmers that when they are gathering wheat from the fields, they were not to harvest all the way to the edges of the fields; furthermore, what was dropped or not actually gathered for harvest as they moved through the fields should be left behind so that travelers and the poor could glean from these fields and have a small source of revenue to sustain them. 

“Now when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field, nor shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest.”  Lev. 19:9

Pretty cool concept.  It is a -related concept that affirms three things.

First, it reminds us that owns everything and that we are just caretakers of what is already His.

Second, It also confirms that we should- in the likeness of - be merciful and benevolent, sharing what we have with others who are hungry and struggling at any given season of time.

Third, it is a way to maintain the dignity of those who do need assistance.  This was not a handout; it was a resource that was available if the individual was willing to get out into the field and actually  in the gathering process.

How would you apply this to your ?

If we are to reflect the nature and characteristics of at , then we must find ways to apply such a principle.  So many around us are hurting at and in our communities.  How can your business manage its operation in such a way as to leave room for gleaning for those who need help?  Some who deal in fruits and vegetables, for example, actually give away what they don’t sell on any given day to those willing (people, businesses, or church ministries) to come by and pick them up. Bread and other food items are often treated the same way.  What about your office?  business? ?

What is the application for your personal calling?  Will you exercise wisdom and compassion by providing resources for those who need a little extra help?

Pray about how can use your resources for His glory and how the gleaner-principle could be appropriately applied where you .  Discuss it with other employees who might share a for this.

There is no greater sense of accomplishment than helping others and doing so as you protect their dignity at times.  This is a God-idea but be sure to clear whatever you do with your supervisor, department head or employer!  Have a great week and enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of ministering in your by leaving a little gleaning room.

Who is ?

 When God Instructs the Workplace

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 When God Instructs the Workplace
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