What Liberates Ministers from the Success Syndrome

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Success Syndrome in Ministry

What Liberates Ministers From The Success Syndrome?

What is the success syndrome of ministry?

Kent and Barbara Hughes give insightful and honest guidance as those who have “been there” in ministry.  The testimonies of both Kent and Barbara in their personal struggles should be helpful for any minister (and spouse) who are facing or have faced disappointment in the work of the church.

Defining “success” in ministry is a key theme throughout this book.  Clarifying the difference between “success” for ministry and “success” for worldly endeavors is a strong point.  The concept of “faithfulness” as opposed to “success” is a consistent theme.

Scripture promotes faithfulness above any other attribute.  The role of “servant” is the example that Christ has put before his followers.  The love of God must come first.  This attitude must take place before the love of self or our success.

Prayer is essential for those called into the service of the Lord.  Lust is an area of life which will keep us from a proper prayer life.   The authors also emphasized the enormous role that the “pastor’s wife” and the “congregation” play in helping the pastor to become all he can become.

One of the strongest points of this writing is its bi-authorship.  To hear from Kent and Barbara was refreshing and helped me to consider what pastor’s wives must go through in times of difficulty.  I  feel that Barbara Hughes could have written an entire book just for women.

An area in which I have found a need and which the authors have given wise instruction is in the area of personal prayer life.  Although prayer is a part of my life I have found myself guilty of not allowing it to be that which “sharpens my ax.”  Never being too busy to pray is a personal goal.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone involved in ministry.  I would like to apply the seven points of biblical success laid out by this husband and wife team.

  1. To be faithful
  2. Serve God and others
  3. Love God
  4. Believe He is
  5. Pray
  6. Pursue holiness
  7. Develop a positive attitude.

Best Quote:
…”all is failure apart from holiness.”  p. 87

Dale Roach

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