What is the One Attitude That Grows a Church?

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What is the one attitude that grows a church?


Where does trust come from? How can we develop trust among the people in a congregation?

Most fruitful and productive leaders will tell you that you must show trust to receive it. If we want to trust others and be trusted what do we do to develop this type of confidence?

The failure to establish trust often begins with us in our early years of life. Discovering a low propensity to trust others may go back to childhood or a traumatic experience.

For a church to be healthy, trusting others must be built. We must first learn to trust other people if we hope to be trusted. So, here are three steps that will help every congregation develop an atmosphere of confidence among its membership:

  • Being Honest

There is nothing more destructive to trust than lying. Here is a page that talks about the actions of lying and dishonesty that might help.

  • Being Consistent

Have you every had to deal with an unpredictable person? You never know what they were going to be like the next time you would see them. This type of person is inconsistent.  Being a consistent person builds trust.

  • Being Transparent

Being transparent does not mean that you have to let people know everything about you. However, transparency can develop an atmosphere that creates an intense environment of trust.

These three behaviors will grow relational trust that will empower a congregation.

Relational trust is one attitude that builds confidence. The opposite of this behavior creates suspicion and destroys trust in other people. Relational trust is essential for the success of any congregation. This trusting is built upon the conduct of every member of the fellowship. Trust can be destroyed by one falsehood or one exaggeration or lack of confidence.

Dale Roach

Proverbs 11:13 A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.

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