What is the Leadership Style of the Best Music Conductor?

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best music conductor and teamworkWhat is the Leadership Style of the Best Music Conductor?

Conductor leadership style is extremely powerful and impressive for any orchestra.  Have you ever thought of leading people as a conductor leads an orchestra?

For a concert or musical to be performed correctly, someone has to take responsibility.  The conductor gives gestures that enable all the musicians to know when to start playing. This leader must be extremely familiar with all the musical pieces selected for the performance. While each musician may only rehearse part of a musical score, the conductor must learn the entire work. The conductor is much like a traffic cop. He or she must know exactly when each instrument should start and stop on the musical highway.

Recently I was introduced to a video that taught me about a conductor from Israel.  Itay Talgam is that conductor and consultant.  In the video below he teaches what a conductor faces as a challenge – “creating perfect harmony without saying a word.”

This is one of the best videos that I have ever seen on how to be a strong leader by studying the conductor leadership style of Itay Talgam.

Itay Talgam shares the unique styles of six great conductors.  His goal in this video is to help everyday people develop a musician’s sense of collaboration and working together and to understand a conductor’s unique ability of leadership.

After ten years as a conductor in his native homeland of  Israel, Itay has created a career in helping people develop their skills in the business world.

Great Quotes Concerning Conductor Leadership Style

The principal task of a conductor is not to put himself in evidence but to disappear behind his functions as much as possible. We are pilots, not servants. ~Franz Liszt

Being a conductor is kind of a hybrid profession because most fundamentally, it is being someone who is a coach, a trainer, an editor, a director. ~Michael Tilson Thomas

I think it’s a very important collaboration between the conductor and the orchestra – especially when the conductor is one more member of the orchestra in the way that you are leading, but also respecting, feeling and building the same way for all the players to understand the music. ~ Gustavo Dudamel

If you ever go to a music session, you’ll notice that the musicians can sit down and start playing right away, and everyone knows what to do. Of course they’re reading it, but the conductor can tweak little things, and you can take that back to directing motion pictures. ~ Clint Eastwood

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