What Does the Customer or Team Member Really Want?

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What Does the Customer or Team Member Really Want? Remember the television commercial where two men were each talking about their financial broker/planner. One of them was a very satisfied clientand he explained how thorough and complete his planner had been in helping him to reach his financial goals over the years. The other man then said to him, “How did he know?” The satisfied man replied, “He asked!”

It is easy to assume too much while working in the hustle of marketplace activity. As we interact with customers, clients, students, patrons, patients, employees, co-workers (or whomever) we often get into a routine whereby we assume this client wants the same product or service as he did last time. Or, he wants the same thing that the last customer wanted. Orders don’t get filled (correctly), contract details can be overlooked, needs are neglected, quality control slips backward, and disappointment, even frustration, can be the end result of assuming something when we should have taken a moment to ask or clarify.

It is common sense, but do you ask your customers what they want? What they need? What they came to see you about? Understand his/her need with a full inquiry and listening ear. Go over the order, probe for details, confirm and repeat what you thought you heard him say and be as thorough in gathering information as you can. As you know, folks love it when you deliver a product or service that hits the “bullseye” of what they need/want, especially if you have done so with expressed interest in the uniqueness they possess.

Ask! Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be given to you.” As you interact at work today, do the same. Ask others what they need and do all you can to help them get it. (Pretty simple!) Chances are they will come back again and again if you operate like this. Some businesses and employees have developed sophisticated means by which they remember details about their patrons and vendors. Some people simply journal a tiny fact or two to bring up next time they see that person in a workplace relationship. It’s amazing how people light up when you can recall and communicate back to them some unique detail of their life (situation, contract, file, case, etc.). So ask more questions, pay more attention, provide better care of those to whom you minister at work daily and watch the improvement that ensues. What will you make of this day? God bless you as you glorify Him in it!

“Through presumption comes nothing but strife…” -Proverbs 13:10

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