What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?

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An interesting study would be an in-depth examination of all the questions Jesus asked people as He moved around in the marketplace.  One of the most intriguing is what He asked the blind man in Luke 18:41, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

Great question, Jesus!  By the way, He’s asking it of you this morning…  What do you want Him to do?  What do you want from Him this morning?  What is your request of Him as you launch into a new work week?

Today’s real challenge, however, is for you to ask it of your supervisor, associates and/or employees.  Workplace Christians worth their salt are in touch like Jesus with the people in their (workplace) environment.  And rather than assuming what others need, we must ask.  It occurred to me recently that we often think we know God’s will until we ask Him; then sometimes we discover a whole new world.  Likewise, at times we assume we know what our co-workers need.  It may be, however, that we will really have to ask them before we can help them.  I dare you!  It will be a revolutionary question for some of you as you will discover needs that are serious, deep and in desperate of attention today.  Will you ask it?  Jesus did.  He really cared about this (blind) man he met on the outskirts of the marketplace.  His concern is exemplary.

First, ask of God.  Seek His blessing as you embark on a new week at work.  Don’t start without it and receive it by praying.  Then, as you intersect with your employer and your associates and employees one at a time, ask them what they need this morning and how you can help.  When you ask, be sure to take time to listen, then engage yourself in a ministry posture to assist and serve.  You’re going to have fun with this today and every day if you take it seriously.  Make today count!

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