What Are the Top 10 Christian Leadership Skills?

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Being a growing Christian and Healthy Mission LeaderTop 10 Christian Leadership Skills

Have you ever asked the question, “What kind of leader can grow a church?”  Here are some top 10 Christian leadership skills that can help congregations and church leaders as they are seeking to grow a healthy fellowship.  It must first begin with the leaders.

Everett Anthony has some great insight and knowledge about church growth.  He says, “Peter’s walk toward Jesus on a stormy sea forecast the dilemma of Christians in future centuries. Stormy change often leaves believers seasick as the gospel shrugs off the shackles of one historical period after another on its journey to the outer limits of recorded time and beyond.

Today’s Christian leaders face upheaval as time roars into the 21st century. They must walk with Him and obey Him on a raging sea of social, economical, moral, cultural, and technological change unprecedented in human history. Like Peter, they must decide which is stronger—their faith in God or their fear of the future. Simon Peter climbed out of the boat believing he could follow Jesus’ command to walk on the water. However, anchored by his limited view of the possible, his faith faltered and he sank. Church leaders on mission today must also step out in faith from their anchored past to answer Jesus’ command to communicate His unchanging message in a mighty roaring sea of change.”

Listed below is Anthony’s strategy in developing as a strong Christian leader.

WHAT KIND OF A LEADER CAN GROW A CHURCH? Christian Leadership Skills

  1. A Leader Must Have a Profound Sense of God’s Call
  2. A Leader Must Grow in Their Relationship with God
  3. A Leader Must Be Compassionate
  4. A Leader Must Be Passionate
  5. A Leader Must Be Visionary
  6. A Leader Must Become Entrepreneurial
  7. A Leader Must Be Contextual
  8. A Leader Must Be a Planner
  9. A Leader Must Be a Lifelong Learner
  10. A Leader Must Be a Delegator and Empowerer of Others
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