What Are the 6 Characteristics of a Strong Leader?

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6 characteristics of a strong leaderHow to Discover the 6 Characteristics of a Strong Leader?

Becoming a leader and encouraging an organization to become an active team is not an easy process.  There is a need for a strong leadership if good teamwork is to be created.  Many definitions can be found to define leadership.  Some of these definitions are blurry, and some are weak.  In describing the character of a leader, I have come across six essential titles that I believe are the best definitions.

Six Characteristics of a Leader

1.  A strong leader is first and foremost an Instructor.  The first goal of any productive team leader is to be sure that the team understands the direction and plan of the organization with clarity.

2.   A strong team leader is a Director.  This leader aims to supervise the team without making team members feel like secondary citizens.  A directing coach’s overall goal is to lead without coming across as “bossy.”

3.  A team leader is a Prompter.  A prompter in the world of acting is a person seated out of sight of the audience who supplies a forgotten word or line to an actor during the performance of a play.  A good coach stands by to help when help is needed.

4.  A team leader is a Tutor.  The coach sees the value of the one person. A tutor is typically one who teaches a single student or a small group.  A good coach sees the value in individuals.

5.  A team leader is a Trainer.  A good coach does not have a problem in “drilling” the team.  Asking questions and seeking answers from each team member shows the caring character of the Trainer.

6.  A team leader is an Encourager.  The overall goal of any coach or team leader is to inspire every person on the team.  Encouragement is an absolute necessity for a successful team.

The characteristics of a leader will inevitably determine the success or failure of the organization whether it is a business, a volunteer group, a charity organization or a church.

What would you add to these 6 characteristics of a strong leader?

Dale Roach

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