True Leadership Is All About Sharing Success and Failure

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True Leadership Is All About Sharing Success and Failure

In his book, The Power of Team LeadershipLeadership - Success and Failure, George Barna gives a report of a survey of over 1,000 adults who where asked what they expect from their leadership.  The results of this survey can give team leaders an inside look at how people think when they are asked, “What do you expect from those who are leaders?”  Here are the responses:

  • 87 percent expect leaders to motivate people to get involved in meaningful causes and activity
  • 78 percent believe leaders should negotiate compromises and resolve conflicts when they arise
  • 77 percent look to leaders to determine and convey the course of action that they should take in order to produce desirable conditions and outcomes
  • 76 percent rely on leaders to identify and implement courses of action that are in the best interests of society, even if some of those choices are unpopular
  • 75 percent expect leaders to invest their time and energy in training more leaders who will help bring the vision to reality
  • 63 percent want leaders to communicate vision so that they know where thing sare headed and what it will take to get there
  • 61 percent say leaders are responsible for the direction and production of employees associated with the leader’s organization or cause
  • 61 percent think leaders should analyze situations and create the strategies and plans that direct the resources of those who follow them
  • 56 percent hold leaders responsible for managing the day-to-day details of the operation.*

One of the greatest challenges that faces teams and leadership development is the process of creating shared responsibility.  When every member of the team see themselves as equal then the expectations listed above will decrease.  However, there are many who say that they want to be a team member but are very willing to give the responsibility of the team away to someone else.

Leadership is all about sharing success and failure, and mutual responsibility.

 Dale Roach

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*George Barna, The Power of Team Leadership (Colorado: Waterbrook Press, 2001) pp.2-3.

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