Treasures Found In Those Around You

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Treasures Found In Those Around YouIt isn’t unusual today to hear of lost treasures being discovered from ships that were sunk hundreds of years ago.  Some of these finds yield millions of dollars in gold and silver coins and gold bars.  I heard of one such recent find that was literally just a few hundred feet from the beach where people swim and play daily!

Sometimes the precious and the valuable are so close to us yet we never realize it.  There is a man whom I bump into several times a week at a business that I frequent.  He works there and has always been quietly friendly.  I had not really talked with him but would throw up the occasional hand of friendliness.  Recently, I took just a moment to ask him his name.  He was amazingly receptive and began to share personal things about himself.  Over the past several weeks he has really opened up.  Yesterday he shared with me that over the weekend he discovered that his wife had been unfaithful to him.  “I was literally devastated.  I just need someone to talk to,” he said.  We’re getting together this weekend to talk and pray.  He’s been there all along; just steps away from my going in and out of that business.  A kingdom relationship with him will be like treasure – right under my nose. It’s easy to be a little “too busy” to really notice.  These treasures often remain buried beneath our busyness and the stuff of life.

In all likelihood there is someone around you who really needs help.  It could be someone in your workplace.  It may be someone in a business or place you frequent along your life’s journey.  It may be a neighbor.  Like sunken treasure, you may have to scratch a little sand away and make an intentional effort, but with the direction of the Holy Spirit, you will be led to someone who needs the voice of the Lord Jesus; someone who needs love, hope, and a caring hand.  You are God’s representative.  Resolve right here, right now to allow yourself to be His hands and feet.  Relationships and those things that are done in the name of Jesus will last longer than even the gold that has survived for hundreds of years underwater.   “But store up for yours! elves treasures in heaven…”  (Matt. 6:21)  Have a great day as you you work and as you hunt for and store up eternal treasure for the sake of the King!

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