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win-zoneI heard a story today of a football team that decided that they would just play out a game rather than win a game. They were ahead by a large margin, so they quit playing to win and started playing not to loose. They started backing off in the intensity of their hits and tackles. Sure the other team scored some, but they were so far ahead that they were certain that time would run out and they would add a W to the win/loose column. You probably know what happened. Yep, the other team kept playing as hard as they could and when it was all over those sitting on the “win-zone” lost.

As I heard the story I began to think of the people I have known who just sat around and waited things out. I don’t mean those who took a breather or a short vacation to gain strength, I mean those who had decided to retreat to their comfortable corner of life. They stopped thinking or learning. They just plugged out and kept their head down and never really sought what the Lord might have for them. It was a comfortable easy life for them with little challenge or risk. Some decided they had “done their time” and it was now up to the younger folks to do some of the work. Without exception they all lost something very important…abundant life. Age and ability didn’t really matter, it was attitude. I’ve even known some who were called home to glory because they decided to sit and soak. But those who stayed were the saddest ones to me. They were with us, but only in their physical bodies.

Then I thought of those who have decided to keep in the game. They are vibrant happy people. Some even have debilitating or terminal diseases. Others would think that they should just give up, but no they ran on to the field and played every down with all the intensity they had at the beginning. I am encouraged by those who won’t sit in the win-zone.

That’s my goal, approach life with all the intensity and passion that I can muster. I have to admit there are times when I just don’t want to run out on the field and play. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines, I’ve won the battle. There is a prize laid up for me in heaven. But that seems to be less and less. I want to make hay while the sun shines! I want to give it all I’ve got. Save the prizes for later.

Keep Lookin’ UP!!

Monty Hale

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