What Are The Three C’s of a Clear Vision

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“Without a clear vision, the people perish! Proverbs 29:18

As I was traveling to the office this past week I was thinking about how to develop a stronger organization with the people I work with.  I am convinced that team development is the key.  I have seen businesses, volunteer groups, charity organizations, and churches that have many great programs.  Some of them have even had the ability to make a great deal of money and promote strong programs.  The structure of these various organization has been very impressive. However, no organization will be able to become all it can be without a healthy vision.  A clear vision enables an organization for the present but it is also fuel for the future.

What is team vision?  Chuck Swindoll once said, “When I think of vision, I have in mind the ability to see above and beyond the majority.”  George Washington Carver said, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope for the future.”  One of the greatest quotes I have ever come across was that of Helen Keller, who was blind.  She said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.”

The Three C’s of a Clear Vision

In all the organizations of which I have been a part I have found that where there is a clear vision these three C’s exist:

  • Character
  • Conviction
  • Commitment

These three C’s are the fuel for a clear vision of any organization.  Without a truthful character that has a strong conviction it would be very difficult to create a commitment to the cause.

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