Self Discovery and Seven Basic Steps

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7-steps-self-discoverySelf Discovery! Do You Know Who You Are?

Have you discovered who you really are?  Do you know yourself well?  Do you know yourself as well as other people know you?

In his book Christian Coaching, Dr. Gary Collins lays out some basic rules for self discovery.

Rules of Self-Discovery*

W. Tozer was a highly respected theologian and powerful writer who often challenged Christians to action.  He suggested seven areas for self-evaluation and getting in touch with ourselves:

1.         What do you want most?

2.         What do you think about most?

3.         How do you use your money?

4.         What do you do with your leisure time?

5.         Whose company do you enjoy?

6.         What and who do you admire?

7.         What makes you laugh?self discovery

*Adapted from Howard and William Hendricks, As Iron Sharpens Iron:  Building Character in a Mentoring Relationship (Chicago: Moody, 1995), p.38

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