The Powerful Force of Having a Purpose

having a purpose

Do you have a purpose?

One of the greatest drivers of is the , tenacity and perseverance created when we have a purpose, i.e. a cause to fight for. Purpose goes beyond material benefits to the person as it reaches for bigger things; things that can make a difference in the lives of others.

A purpose can create a in the heart and a passion that will enable a person to endure much suffering and persecution.

Why are there so many passionless people in the world today who trudge through life without direction? I believe that it stems from a lack of purpose.

A person with a defined purpose has no difficulty in deciding what they are going to do today, tomorrow and for decades. There might not be a strategic plan in place, but there will be a desire to stay on the journey of making a difference. said that he had a dream, not a plan, and it was his total commitment to that dream that has inspired countless millions from around the world.

Finding Purpose in Your

The people who seem to be the happiest and most engaged in their are those who are playing to their strengths in something that aligns with their purpose and values. For them, is an expression of who they are and what impact they would like to make.

What about those who are not in a position to find a job that can express their purpose? I believe that, no matter what we do, we can still live out our purposes in some way. If it is difficult in our job, then we can look for avenues outside of . This is why so many people volunteer to do with organizations that are making an impact in the community and around the world. For volunteers, money is not the main motivating force as they give up their and money to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In what areas do you find that you can express your purpose and make a difference?

What causes would you donate your and money to?

What are you doing about it?

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