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The Four C’s of Strong Leadership?


Leadership is a word that can have many definitions.  “Leadership” sometimes can even have conflicting definitions.  To be able to lead a team or an organization it is essential to understand the basics of strong leadership.

There are some you define a leader as “the boss!”  If this is your definition of a leader then there is no need to read any further.  Leadership is much deeper than one person taking on the role of a boss.  In fact, true leadership is an involving of many people to carry out a particular task.  Here are a few definitions of “leadership” to consider:

“Leadership is mobilizing others toward a goal shared by the leader and followers.” – Gary Wills

“Leadership is influence.” – J. Oswald Sanders

“Leadership is getting others to want to do something that you are convinced should be done.” –  Vance Packard

What Makes a Leader? The Four C’s

When thinking of these definitions of leadership the questions arises:  “What makes someone become a leader?”  There are three basic character tracts of true leaders.

First, a leader has a sense of a “calling.”  This “calling” urges the leader to pursue a particular task.  This “calling” creates a focus on a task that is fueled by a strong urging to see something accomplished or created.  Every true leader has a strong creative, almost artistic side to their character.  It is almost like an enthusiastic little child who is given a clump of clay and told to create “something.”  Every strong leader has a “calling” that they cannot help but share with other.

Second, a leader has “character.”  The “character” of a strong leader is obvious.  People do not have to guess or wonderful about a strong leader.  The strong leader’s character is laid out for the world to see.  No guess work here!  The character of a strong leader is manifested through daily actions, speech, and overall behavior.  Character is an absolute part of the “call.”  A “calling” without “character” is obsolete.  It has no purpose or value.

Third, a leader is “competent” in the task at hand.  When someone possesses the skills of a strong leader it will be obvious in their abilities.  Their skills will be noticed and receive attention from others.  They will have the influence to inspire others.  A true leader will naturally know how to direct the resources and energies of others to help carry out the task.  A true leader knows that they are limited and cannot do it all.  They know how to delegate authority and give it away for others to use.  The competency of a leader is shown in his or her trust of others and a willingness to share the responsibilities of the task at hand.

So, the basic make up of a true leader shows  “calling”, “character”, and “competency.”  One last point about a strong leader, they know how to “celebrate” victories.  All work and no celebration will kill any accomplishment.

Dale Roach

Who is Dale Roach?

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Dale Roach

Dale Roach

Dale is the creator of Like A Team and has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years. The goal of Like A Team is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
Dale Roach
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