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Are you a teamwork project manager? Here are some websites that can help you find more resources for the creation of  strong teams and teamwork development.

Communication and Conflict

Are you involved in a destructive conflict? Do you want to find out how effective communication can resolve conflict? Do you want resources you can use to teach yourself and others how to manage conflict? Communication and Conflict – Mindful communication, growth through conflict.

Christian Resources Today

Christian Resources Today – is an online Bible study resource tool that deals with, biblical stories, quotes, prophets, martyrs, biblical meaning of numbers and names, and so much more.

Workforce Development Advice

Workforce development means developing people so that your organization delivers a better service. Workforce-development-Advice provides tools & best practice some of which are based on National Occupational Standards.

Online Leadership Tools

A good resource of online leadership tools to propel you and your team quickly and easily toward your goals.

Action Wheel Leadership

Action Wheel Leadership Resources offers leadership articles and business resources based on the Action Wheel Leadership Model and the acclaimed work of Dr. Robert Terry.

Team Building Bonanza

The Motherlode of Corporate Team Building Ideas. We aim to be the richest independent source of teambuilding ideas and inspiration on the internet. Our mission is to help build high performance teams and effective teamwork.

Leadership Tools

Leadership Tools – for leaders focused on getting quality results. Providing free leadership tools and resources for the aspriring leader.

Coaching for New Women Managers

A dynamic, practical approach to management training by and for today’s business woman that coaches new managers to build a skills portfolio to get the job done in a changing workplace.

Learning Center

Leadership consulting, customized team building, training, executive coaching; helping organizations increase accountability, cross- functional coordination, performance and earned trust.

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