Taking Control of Your Divine Destiny

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Automaker Henry Ford once noted, “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid to do.” Fear keeps us from attempting things.  Fear is often only an illusion that is manufactured by Satan to simply thwart or destroy a specific God-plan in our lives.

Consider your work.  Is there something you would really like to do but have always been afraid to try?  Do you even remember now what your original fear was/is?  Is it really something to be afraid of?  If you’re waiting on fear to go away, you’ll probably never attempt your dream (goal, task, mission).  It was Mark Twain who said, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.”

The people of God (Israelites) came out of Egyptian bondage after the divine show of no less than ten miracles.  God had promised them the land flowing with milk and honey and after 400 years of Egyptian slavery they were ready for it!  The night they hurried out of Egypt they were a mere eleven days journey away from Jericho (the first city in that promised land). That journey turned into a forty-year saga only because they were afraid!  The Lord had even said, “Do not fear or be dismayed.”  (Deut. 1:22)  In spite of miracles, God’s certain presence and His specifically reassuring word to resist fear, they balked and failed to go on to Jericho to take the land.  Are you paralyzed, like them, in your workplace? Remember, most fears are unfounded smoke-and-mirrors illusions, courtesy of Satan.

Take control of your divine destiny at work!  Master your fears by trusting the God who initially sent you on the journey that took you there.  If He called you to that sacred place, He will most certainly assist you in fulfilling your calling.  Pinpoint this morning that one small (or grandiose) thing you have avoided, not because you lack the desire or the vision for it, but because you have been frozen in the tracks of your fear.  Turn the matter over to God in trust and embark on it today! Stop holding back!  As Ford predicted, many of you will be surprised how relatively easy your task or dream is fulfilled.

When God’s people finally got to Jericho, they had to do nothing to take the city.  They simply marched around the city walls and God did all the work, imploding the walls.  They simply walked in and took it!  March forward today and attempt great things at work!  You can do anything that God calls you to do at work!  “Is there anything too difficult for Me?” says your God! (Gen. 18:14)

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