The Leader As A Communicator

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What Makes a Leader a Good Communicator? Effective leaders are good communicators. They understand the importance of communication in all its forms and spend much time at the task. This communication is always two-way, receiving as well as giving information and feelings. One study of leadership analyzed how leaders spend their days, concluding “for formal […]

7 Keys for Leaders to Communicate Their Vision

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In his book, Leading Change, John P. Kotter gives 7 keys for leaders to communicate their vision to those under their guidance.  For any leader to be effective, there must be a clear explanation of their vision for those who are following them.  Simplicity:  All jargon and technobabble must be eliminated Metaphor, analogy, and example:  […]

10 Leadership Lessons Found in the Book of Nehemiah

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The prophet Nehemiah provides modern day leaders a wonderful model of leadership. Upon learning of the distress of his people, Nehemiah receives permission from the king he was serving to go help them. Despite obstacles and opposition, he discerns a challenging vision and leads the people in accomplishing it. While Nehemiah was the leader who […]

Growing Your Vision Within the Team

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Growing a vision within a team is not quick and easy.  Several years ago my wife and I built our first house. It was my first, and last time, that I will ever build my own house.  I came to a great appreciation of those in the building industry.  Not long after finishing the structure […]

5 Reasons Why Teamwork Does Not Work

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5 Reasons Why Teamwork Does Not Work Teamwork does not work!  Or, does it! If your company, organization or church is interested in developing a strong team, there are some approaches to teamwork that do not work. Certain “teamwork” behavior, in reality, is not teamwork at all.  Just because some groups of people call themselves […]

How a Church Might Be Renewed?

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In the average life cycle of churches, there is birth, growth, development and, in time, death. Many churches begin to plateau and/or show decline around their 25th to 35th year of their existence. There are exceptions with churches located in areas experiencing population growth. Although it is true, at times I tire at hearing that […]