A Leader’s Blindspots

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Administrative success hinges on our capacity to identify, understand, and eliminate professional blindspots. This requires SIGHT, an acronym that describes how to form a productive communication partnership with coworkers through Searching, Interaction, Goodwill, Hearing and Targeting. How would your closest coworkers (those who know you best) respond to the questions below about your administrative style […]

How To Be Authentic

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 Have you ever come across a fake?  There is nothing like engaging someone who is not what they appear.  The New Zealand Post Group put it this way: “Trying to be something you’re not will make your leadership journey difficult. Sure, you will have to moderate certain behaviors to be effective during your career however, […]

What Is Blaming All About?

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What is blaming all about?  Chuck Swindoll puts it this way, “The aggressive attitude reacts to circumstances with blame. We blame ourselves or someone else, or God, or if we can’t find a tangible scapegoat, we blame “fate.”  What an absolute waste! We blame ourselves, we multiply our guilt, we rivet ourselves to the past…… […]

Dependence on God – Bob Lowman, Jr.

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A basketball superstar was once asked about his knack for making the winning shot in close games.  The reporter asked how he was able to be so calm in such pressure-packed moments.  His answer: he tried to simplify the situation.  “You only have to make one shot,” he said. Focus on one shot. That is […]

Inspirational Quotes About Teamwork – 9

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Inspirational Quotes About Teamwork Contrary to popular belief, there most certainly is an “I” in “team.”  It is the same “I” that appears three times in “responsibility.”  ~Amber Harding We must all hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.  ~Benjamin Franklin Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change […]

Why People Fail

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John Maxwell, in his book Be All You Can Be, says that there are three basic reasons why people fail. Many people simply do not feel a need to succeed.  They are secure and they do not have a desire to prove anything to anyone.  They are happy and content in their present situation. They […]

Top 10 Posts for October 2012

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Like A Team is a blog /website that attempts to share resources and articles to help those who are trying to develop strong teamwork within their businesses, volunteer groups, charity organizations and churches. The overall goal of Like A Team is to share the knowledge and skills of team developers to help others who are […]