A Leader’s Blindspots

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Administrative success hinges on our capacity to identify, understand, and eliminate professional blindspots. This requires SIGHT, an acronym that describes how to form a productive communication partnership with coworkers through Searching, Interaction, Goodwill, Hearing and Targeting. How would your closest coworkers (those who know you best) respond to the questions below about your administrative style […]

Team Leadership Training Videos

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Team leadership training videos can be useful tools in the development of strong teamwork. A good teamwork video clip can help you as you work toward creating a productive team. These videos can also help in leadership team development.

What is True Leadership? (Video)

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What is true leadership? What is the character of a true leader? Are real leaders easy to identify? Strong leadership is the foundation for all successful organizations, businesses, volunteer organizations, charity groups and congregations. Check out the video and quotes below as you ask the question, “What is True Leadership?” Great Leadership Quotes Leadership is […]