4 Points of a Team Leadership Model

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4 Points of a Team Leadership Model When you think of a strong team leadership model in your life, who do you think about? Every true leader has unique characteristics. However, all real leaders have four essential traits. Here are four characteristics of a reliable leadership model. Emotion with Energy Followers are looking for leaders […]

Revolutionary Leader? Are You One?

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What is a Revolutionary Leader? Are you a revolutionary leader?  Dave Stone in his book, Refining Your Style, claims that “Revolutionary Leaders” are intense bold challenging brave audacious daring courageous valiant This list names just a few! He also gives a checklist for anyone who might like to find out if they have the leadership […]

Quotes and Sayings About Teamwork Video

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Great Quotes and Sayings About Teamwork What is teamwork all about? How do you define teamwork.  Here is a video that shares a few great quotes and sayings about teamwork. Quotes About Teamwork “None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a […]

How Do You Get Church People To Work Together?

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Church People Working Together The Jethro Ministry journey began with a simple question, “How do you get church people working together as a team?”  This question was the result of several other questions. Why are some congregations finding it difficult to grow and prosper? Why are they not using the human resources that the Lord […]

Reasons Teamwork Will Not Work in Church

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Reasons Teamwork Doesn’t Work? Do you know the reasons teamwork does cannot take place in some churches?  There are many congregations that claim to be structured by teamwork.  Even though a fellowship may claim to work like a team and create team names for all their organizations this does not mean that they have those […]

39 Helpful Quotes About Teamwork Development

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39 Quotes About Teamwork Development How many good quotes about teamwork development do you know? Here are 39 good quotes to consider! Hopefully, these quotes can be of help to you in the creation of your business, charity group, volunteer organization or church. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The […]

Flash Mob Shows Perfect Teamwork

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Teamwork Flash Mob Flash Mob behavior can be a perfect example of teamwork. Flash mobs occur when a group of people appear in one location unexpectedly and usually put on a rehearsed performance. The flash mob video below is a powerful and perfect example of unified teamwork. Good Quotes About Teamwork Work and self-worth are […]