Numbers That Help Grow Teamwork

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Here are some numbers that can help grow teamwork in your business, charity group, volunteer organization or church: 3 Illegitimate Sources of Influence 3 R’s and Pitfalls of an Organization 3 Teamwork Coach Skills 3 Reasons Churches Suffer Decline 3 Reasons Every Leader Needs An Affirmation File 4 C’s of Strong Leadership? 4 Reasons That […]

What Happens When You Create Teamwork?

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What Happens When You Create Teamwork? A clear strategy for any organization begins with how you create teamwork. Tom Landry, a famous football coach, once said, “I don’t believe in team motivation. I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and […]

Demands of Your Vision Against the Desires of Others

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Your vision will continually be confronted with the desires and plans of other people. In the development of strong teamwork you must define what is of the utmost importance. What tasks and commitments should take precedence over all other events? This simple question must be asked: “Are the tasks that I am investing my life […]

Quotes About Leadership and Team Building

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Developing teamwork cannot be accomplished without healthy leadership. Teams usually develop due to the need to accomplish a task and the realization that it takes more than one person.  If goals are to be reached, it is best to call upon the skills of an experienced and trained point person.  This person usually becomes the […]