Are You Getting A Day of Rest?

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Day of Rest? “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” Genesis 2:2 Regardless of what your week has been like, you are ready for a day of rest.  Every one of us needs a day off from the […]

Burnout and Church Responsibility

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Burnout and Church Responsibility In the past one hundred years, the church has placed upon its leaders more responsibility than ever before.  This type of responsibility can create an environment for personal burnout. In a recent conference, I attended I took a class on time management only to be thoroughly discouraged by the speaker that […]

Basic Definition of Burnout

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Basic Definition of Burnout Since the mid 1970’s the phrase “burn out” has become somewhat of a “buzz word” for a variety of issues.  Depending on whom you talk to “burnout” can be defined as a problem dealing with drug, alcohol abuse or the poor structure of an organization that leads to a decline in […]

Communicating With Your Family

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The family is a complex unit consisting of individuals with different thoughts, feelings, and ideas that can make communicating and decision-making challenging. The ability to make good decisions is a skill that, when developed over time, can help family members improve their skills. Conflict is a natural part of life. The ability to handle conflict […]

Guest Posts by Bill Westafer

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Welcome to Like A Team Guest Posts! Bill Westafer is posting here! Bill Westafer has some very helpful and powerful articles on managing change, leadership stress, crisis during leadership and  how to deal with stress. Who is Bill Westafer? The Stress of Managing Change Peter Drucker, the late leadership guru, believed the four hardest jobs […]

6 Reasons Why a Leader Should Pray

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Why should we pray? While reading through Spiritual Leadership by Henry and Richard Blackaby I came across this question, “Why Should Leaders Pray?” Here are the Blackaby’s 6 reasons why a leader should pray. Why Should Leaders Pray Prayer is an essential leadership activity Prayer brings the Spirit’s filling. Prayer brings God’s wisdom. Prayer accesses […]

Great Success In Ministry Can Produce Great Anxiety

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Following the amazing events of a resurrected child and the defeat of the prophets of Baal, Elijah has a totally different experience.  He is exhausted and thoroughly drained from his victories.  He has no energy left to confront the wicked Jezebel. (I Kings 19:1-4) when she threatens him.  Due to his exhaustion the prophet flees […]