3 Behaviors of Dominant Leaders That Will Kill Teamwork

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3 Behaviors of Dominant Leaders That Will Kill Teamwork What exactly are dominant leaders? Dominant leaders can be defined as a clear line of authority that gives a leader the power of delegate. This type of personality usually claims the power to control subordinates.  They usually claim authority in the decision-making process of the organization […]

The Leader As A Communicator

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What Makes a Leader a Good Communicator? Effective leaders are good communicators. They understand the importance of communication in all its forms and spend much time at the task. This communication is always two-way, receiving as well as giving information and feelings. One study of leadership analyzed how leaders spend their days, concluding “for formal […]

Are You A Good Listener

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People just want to be heard.  Regardless of your line of work or profession, they want you to listen to them and care about what’s important to them.  I was assisting a man with a practical need yesterday.  Though his need was material, his greater need was to talk…for two hours…and for me to simply […]

Communicating With Your Family

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The family is a complex unit consisting of individuals with different thoughts, feelings, and ideas that can make communicating and decision-making challenging. The ability to make good decisions is a skill that, when developed over time, can help family members improve their skills. Conflict is a natural part of life. The ability to handle conflict […]

Communication Strategies for Addressing Conflict in Congregations

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 Whenever I work with churches that are experiencing serious conflict, especially those that have reached the point of impasse, communication issues commonly emerge. Regularly, parishioners tell me that poor communications are at the root of their congregation’s problems. Miscommunication, they say, has created much of the hurt. But when people talk about lack of communication, […]

Diverse Talents Working Together Creates Harmony

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Diversity talents are a great resource!  One of the reasons some organization, businesses and churches are declining is due to ignoring the energy of different ideas, concepts and convictions. For any group to see its full potential it must first respect the differences of those who make up the team.  This does not mean that […]

4 Difficulties of Working Together

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I have had a great variety of jobs in my lifetime.  When I was in school (high school through graduate school) I worked with farmers, construction companies, furniture stores, loading docks, and a variety of stores.  It was a great experience of diversity. As I made this journey through life and these various businesses, I […]

Do You Lead Visibly?

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Do you lead visibly?  You have control over how your leadership is perceived by the way you behave. You cannot hide as a leader, even your absence will be noted! Be aware that others will model their behavior on what you say and do. Be aware of the fact that others are always watching and […]