Revolutionary Leader? Are You One?

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What is a Revolutionary Leader? Are you a revolutionary leader?  Dave Stone in his book, Refining Your Style, claims that “Revolutionary Leaders” are intense bold challenging brave audacious daring courageous valiant This list names just a few! He also gives a checklist for anyone who might like to find out if they have the leadership […]

14 Good Quotes About Servant Leaders and More

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14 Good Quotes About Servant Leaders and More What are servant leaders? Here are a few quotes about servant leaders to consider. “It is a shame that so many leaders spend their time pondering their rights as leaders instead of their awesome responsibilities as leaders.” – James C. Hunter, The Servant “God ultimately raises up leaders […]

Behaviors That Destroy Leadership

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There are often times that I come across articles that worth posting.  This is one such article written by Dean Carison, a church leader in Africa, posted January 1, 1998.  In this article Carlson points out six behaviors that destroy leadership. Leaders Finish Well By Dean Carlson, Church Leader in Africa, Jan 01, 1998. Used […]

7 Strong Quotes About Leadership Development

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Quotes About Leadership Development What is leadership all about?  Can a strong leader really be defined?  Here are some strong quotes about leadership development. “Everyone is in the business of people. Whether you are dealing with customers, friends or children everyone around you is unique. They all have different personalities and handle situations differently. How […]

How to Define Leadership Skills the Way Jesus Did

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The Creation of Strong Leadership the Way Jesus Did Strong and healthy leaders are needed within any organization. What exactly creates strong leadership? The definition of leadership will depend upon who answers the question. Some people approach leadership with a very authoritarian character. Others approach leadership with the attitude of a “boss.” A true leader […]

Leading While Being Led

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Leading While Being Led Have you ever tried leading while being led? It is amazing to me how many people want to be the man in charge but have no clue how to follow people. It has been my understanding that I need to know how to follow to know how to lead. I have […]

The Leader As A Communicator

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What Makes a Leader a Good Communicator? Effective leaders are good communicators. They understand the importance of communication in all its forms and spend much time at the task. This communication is always two-way, receiving as well as giving information and feelings. One study of leadership analyzed how leaders spend their days, concluding “for formal […]