15 Great Resurrection Christian Quotes and Sayings

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The life of Jesus is a powerful event in history. Here are 15 great resurrection Christian quotes about the death, burial and rising from the dead of Christ Jesus! R. A. Torrey The Crucifixion loses its meaning without the Resurrection. Without the Resurrection the death of Christ was only the heroic death of a noble […]

3 Behaviors That Hinder Obedience to Christ

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Many churches are not doing well today.  Any congregation that hopes to achieve healthy growth and a positive future must be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to be the leader of the organization.    The reason for declining fellowships and church conflict can be traced back to one basic practice – the Lord is not […]

3 Basic Characteristics of Godly, Effective Leaders

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Several common ingredients can be found in the lives of godly, effective leaders. Lifelong Perspective and Learning Attitude Effective leaders realize that God’s development agenda spans their entire lifetime. They continue to grow, right to the very end of their lives. Such new learning leads to expanded vision. The author of Hebrews writes, “Remember your […]

Were You There on Easter?

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Were you there on Easter? The Christian Easter message has a powerful story for the world to hear! After his crucifixion Jesus was placed in a tomb that was given to him by one of his rich followers.  After three days some of the women, who were his followers, went to the tomb to tend […]

Christmas, A Time for Teamwork and Happiness

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Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ came to earth to teach humans how to work together. In our modern world, Christians have become Christ’s Team, teaching about God’s grace and helping all people lead happy and productive lives. Christmas, a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus tends to emphasize teamwork and bring family life to […]

Jesus Christ and Servant Leadership

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The long history of Christianity has placed much emphasis on the role of Jesus as redeemer, sometimes obscuring the major role he played in shaping our modern civilization. In ancient cultures when few people could read and write, leaders held positions of near absolute power. This is sometimes called positional or pedestal leadership. Leaders such […]

Use Whatever Gift You Have

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What do you do with your God-given talents and skills?  Each of use was born with unique characteristics.  The Apostle Peter gave the early church some advice on using personal gifts. “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful steward of God’s grace in its various forms.  If […]