Behaviors That Destroy Leadership

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There are often times that I come across articles that worth posting.  This is one such article written by Dean Carison, a church leader in Africa, posted January 1, 1998.  In this article Carlson points out six behaviors that destroy leadership. Leaders Finish Well By Dean Carlson, Church Leader in Africa, Jan 01, 1998. Used […]

How to Define Leadership Skills the Way Jesus Did

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The Creation of Strong Leadership the Way Jesus Did Strong and healthy leaders are needed within any organization. What exactly creates strong leadership? The definition of leadership will depend upon who answers the question. Some people approach leadership with a very authoritarian character. Others approach leadership with the attitude of a “boss.” A true leader […]

Leading While Being Led

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Leading While Being Led Have you ever tried leading while being led? It is amazing to me how many people want to be the man in charge but have no clue how to follow people. It has been my understanding that I need to know how to follow to know how to lead. I have […]

The Promise and Peril of Conflict

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Peril of Conflict A compelling example of leaders turning conflict into opportunity for structural and cultural change is found in the first seven verses of Acts 6. The idyllic description of the first Christian community (Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37) is soon marred by incidents of deception (Acts 5:1-11) and internal conflicts (Acts 6:1-7). While […]

Prayer and Leadership Skills

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Prayer and Leadership Skills There are many opinions about how an organization, business, charity group or congregation can succeed.  Strategies, planning, and vision casting are extremely important but have you ever considered the role prayer and leadership skills play in supporting one another.  Here are a few quotes and scriptures on prayer to help create […]