A Leader’s Blindspots

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Administrative success hinges on our capacity to identify, understand, and eliminate professional blindspots. This requires SIGHT, an acronym that describes how to form a productive communication partnership with coworkers through Searching, Interaction, Goodwill, Hearing and Targeting. How would your closest coworkers (those who know you best) respond to the questions below about your administrative style […]

Do You Lead Visibly?

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Do you lead visibly?  You have control over how your leadership is perceived by the way you behave. You cannot hide as a leader, even your absence will be noted! Be aware that others will model their behavior on what you say and do. Be aware of the fact that others are always watching and […]

Jesus Christ and Servant Leadership

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The long history of Christianity has placed much emphasis on the role of Jesus as redeemer, sometimes obscuring the major role he played in shaping our modern civilization. In ancient cultures when few people could read and write, leaders held positions of near absolute power. This is sometimes called positional or pedestal leadership. Leaders such […]

Boundary Making: A Tool for a Balanced Life

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Do you ever feel like your life is out of control and you don’t have much to say about it? You feel obligated to help others or feel overwhelmed by daily life demands at the risk of harming yourself? When I say harming yourself, I am talking about being stressed, tired, irritable, frustrated, anxious and […]

What is Intense Stress Capable of Causing?

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What is Intense Stress Capable of Causing?? The complex bodily changes that occur when we first become aware of impending changes perceived as threatening are stimulated by messages from the brain, nerves and glandular system. Set into action are those parts of the brain that regulate emotional control, biological functioning and the autonomic nervous system, […]