How Christian Women Can Avoid Burnout

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How can you avoid burnout? Burnout is a real issue that many Christian women are facing today! Today women hold half of all management and professional positions in the United States and female business owners represent one of the fastest-growing markets in the country.  In business, as in many other walks of life, the achievements […]

Church Health Insurance Alternative

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Is There a Church Health Insurance Alternative? Through my years of ministry, I have come across many challenges.  One of those challenges has dealt with being a good steward of the resources the Lord has brought under my care. One of the greatest challenges that I have encountered has been in healthcare.  For almost seven […]

Christianity and Team Sports

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People from all over the world watched the recent Women’s World Cup soccer competition between the United States and Japan. Viewers were easily drawn into it because the winner was not decided until the final kick. Team sports are very popular in our modern world. They are not only a form of entertainment, but continually […]

Ways That People Learn

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Robert Logan and Tara Miller in the book From Followers to Learners believe that there is a healthy path for ways that people learn. “When people begin taking on new challenges and new roles, how do they learn best? Emerging leaders need support that is relational, hands-on and skills-based. They need the freedom to both […]

Four Effective Leadership Aptitudes

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Four Effective Leadership Aptitudes The power of several effective leadership aptitudes is far greater than one! According to George Barna, in his book The Power of Team Leadership, there are four effective leadership aptitudes. The act of leading people and organizations covers a lot of territories. Understanding the character and effective leadership styles of various […]

19 Facts That Will Stop the Growth of a Good Team

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19 Facts That Will Stop the Growth of a Good Team Healthy teamwork development will face constant challenges.  Every team has a tendency to get out of balance organizationally. In an under-organized team, its leaders struggle largely with efficiency.  The question is, “How do we get things done?” Due to inadequate organization, team leaders find […]