Supporting Someone In Their Failure

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Supporting in FailureI heard a father tell the story recently of his 6th grade daughter who came home with an F on her test. The young girl feared the worst but her dad wanted to teach her the concept of grace so he took her to her favorite restaurant and to a movie for a fun evening out.  He explained to her that though an F is unacceptable, he still loved her and wanted to bless and demonstrate his love for her.  When the little girl went to school the next day her friend asked, “What did your dad do when you told him you made an F”?  “He took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant and then on to a really cool movie,” she replied.

Later that day her dad asked his daughter what her friends said when she told them about his response to her failing score.  She replied, “They all said, ‘Man, I wish I had your dad!'”

In your workplace routine and schedule today (and everyday), do you celebrate with your associates and peers the wonderful things that God your Father has done for you?  Are your co-workers aware of the incredibly gracious way God has dealt with you?  Many (usually the majority) in our workplaces have a negative view of God.  Many don’t like Him or know Him.  Some have terrible misconceptions of Him.  It may be that their very best opportunity to get to know Him, appreciate Him, and eventually love Him is through you.  It may be through your daily, celebrated response to your Father’s grace and mercy that they will experience Him themselves.

Celebrate your life in Christ at work in such a way that your co-workers, employees, clients, students, patients, vendors, or customers say in response, “I wish I had your Father!” or “I wish I knew your God!”  And when they say that, waste no time in telling them how they can.  Wow!  What a Savior we serve!  Be fulfilled in your calling today as you serve- through your own workplace- the greater purposes of the Kingdom of God!  “I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will be converted to You.”  Psalm 51:13

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