Strong Servant Leaders in Church

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Strong Servant LeadershipStrong Servant Leader in Church

In his book Planting Churches for the 21st Century, Aubrey Malphurs has some unique ideas about Christian servant leadership for the church.

Unlike other authors Malphurs feels that “a plurality of lay leaders has proven to be insufficient for the church. The church needs strong servant leadership. (27)

Malphurs gives support for his belief in strong servant leadership within the church in chapter eight.

It’s a basic fact of life that in every organization there have to be leaders who have power and the necessary authority to exercise that power.  Without strong leaders, no organization could function properly.  This is true in the church as well as the marketplace.”(135)

Hindrances for the church today can be found in the stifling of  servant leadership.  Malphurs believes that one of the reasons the church is unable to function to capacity is due to the fact that “co-leadership” has become the norm and not the exception in most congregations.

Consequently, the present system of lay co-leadership that is practiced in so many churches across the land isn’t based on Scripture as so many have been led to think.” (138)

A phrase I have heard often is,

“When everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

This seems to be the case in many congregations where co-leadership is in place. This does not mean that church leaders are called to be dictators, however, it is a call for all congregational leader to set an example of what  a strong servant leader is all about.

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