Strong Effective Leaders Around the Globe

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Strong Effective Leaders Around the WorldStrong Effective Leaders

In their book, Breaking the Missional Code, Ed Stetzer and David Putman, define effective leadership.  They have found that there are six characteristics of strong effective leaders around the globe.

1.  Calling

Those who are involved in effective leadership are motivated by the need and a sense of calling.    They throw themselves at the challenge.

2.  Character

Effective leadership becomes an issue of influence, not position.  This flows out of character when the leader’s words and actions are aligned.

3.  Competency

The practice of effective leadership causes one to take risks and either succeeds or fails.   He or she learns from each situation and uses that information to for the future.

4.  Comprehension

This action of effective leadership is the result of a commitment to learning all one can from other people.

5.  Commitment

Perhaps this is the greatest challenge for a leader.  How does one pay the price without bankrupting their lives? How can effective leadership evolve without physical and spiritual fatigue taking place?

6.  Courage

Effective leaders have a high level of courage in regard to making the tough decisions.”  (Breaking the Missional Code, pp. 74-75)

What do you think about these 6 characteristics of strong effective leaders?

How do you define strong effective leaders?

Do you think effective leadership in your organization is strong or weak?

Dale Roach

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