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Some Basic Tips On Motivation

Be Clear on what the task is and why it is important to you. By knowing this, it will be easier to stay on track. Keep your vision in your heart and mind. What is it that I am committed to? WHY?

Stay focused on the task. Clarity of purpose will help us to release our energies, enabling us to fulfill the vision or project.

Work according to your strengths. Try to align your goals with things that you do well and enjoy. When we are playing to our strengths, we are much more engaged and motivated.

Minimize draining influences.  It is important to take steps to minimise their influence on you.

Reward yourself for achieving milestones. Each little win should be celebrated and savored as it gives hope that you can stay engaged for the long haul and achieve your goals. It’s good to remind yourself of what is going well.

Spend more time with people who inspire you. Whereas some people can have the effect of draining us of energy and joy, there are others who inspire and energize us for action. Spend more time with people like this and learn from them.

Treasure and store encouragements. Encouragement and good feedback fuel the engine. When they come in, remember to store them so you can revisit them in times when your motivation starts to lag.

Don’t be discouraged if your motivation lags. As there are so many factors that can influence our emotions, we can’t always stay motivated. We need to realize that the goal is for overall sustained motivation and not necessarily the sense of feeling motivated all the time. We will have ups and downs in the natural course of each week.

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