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You have probably used the expression, “Put your John Hancock right here.”   John Hancock’s name is the largest and perhaps most well-known signature on our Declaration of Independence.  Apparently, after signing his name as big as life, Hancock turned to his workplace peers and said, “I want to make sure the king doesn’t have any problem finding my name.”  He was a man who owned his mission.

No doubt, the other 55 signers of that world-changer document owned the mission, too.   Hancock wanted to make very sure everyone knew where he stood.  Furthermore, he wasn’t afraid of what the King of England thought about his intent and his boldness.

It’s a simple question this morning, and a return to the foundations of who we are as Christians in our workplaces…but do people know what you stand for?  Is your name written clearly on your commitment to honor the Lord through your work?   Is there a clarion understanding on the part of your coworkers or are they confused about it?

Some time ago, while speaking to a group of business people, I held up two fingers while saying, “I have three points to make this morning!”   I drove through an intersection a few years ago that had people very frustrated:  all three lights were lit- green, yellow and red!   Cars were all over the intersection and horns were blaring.  While looking to purchase a car several years ago, I remember enduring a presentation by a salesman who didn’t know his product nor did he seem to really want to be at work at all that day.  His mouth was saying, “Don’t you want to buy this truck from me?”  Nothing else about him said anything even close to that.   Each of these situations spells ambiguity if not outright confusion.  It is important to be visibly clear at work in terms of ownership of our faith.

Jesus unquestionably owned His mission.  He didn’t tick off the people around Him unnecessarily, that’s for sure.  But neither did He shrink back from being used by the Father to accomplish His mission.  In fact, ownership of His mission led Him all the way to the cross.  What about you?  Do you own it?  Can others see it in you?

Put your John Hancock on your faith at work!  Believe in it.  Live it.  Make it plain.  Don’t irritate others on purpose but if someone is uncomfortable because you uphold integrity, excellence, professionalism, humility, purity, quality and so on, then it is probably their problem, not yours.  Don’t leave others guessing about your intentions and purpose.  Sign on the dotted line of your declaration of faith and own your mission.

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