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Seven Ways to Develop Leaders

 Seven Ways to Develop LeadersYour ministry will only grow as broad as the breadth of your leadership base.  And your ministry will only grow as deep as the depth of your .  Here are seven proven principles to help you in developing :

  1. Give the freedom to fail.  Communicate confidence and encourage risk taking.
  2. Recognize and affirm consistently.  They won’t get better by focusing on their weaknesses, but by accentuating their strengths.
  3. Observe your in action regularly.  Celebrate their wins and give specific positive feedback.
  4. Disciple your as you supervise them.  Not only should you practice good supervisory , you should also facilitate their spiritual development.  Help them set personal growth goals and pray with them regularly.
  5. Maintain a 1:5 supervision ratio.  Use an apprentice system to multiply leadership supervision.  Avoid the problems of leadership dilution.
  6. Provide special care and attention at points.  People are most teachable when they are facing difficult challenges in performing their tasks.
  7. Use a variety of training approaches.  Provide on-the-job training as well as personalized discipleship and coaching.  Sponsor in-service training events and use an on-going training model such as a “”: which meets twice a month.

, D. Min.

Excerpts from “Seeking and Finding, and Developing Leaders”, a cassette from The Pastor’s Update Audio Series, Charles E. . 1993

 Seven Ways to Develop Leaders

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 Seven Ways to Develop Leaders
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