Revolutionary Leader? Are You One?

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revolutionary leaderWhat is a Revolutionary Leader?

Are you a revolutionary leader?  Dave Stone in his book, Refining Your Style, claims that “Revolutionary Leaders” are

  • intense
  • bold
  • challenging
  • brave
  • audacious
  • daring
  • courageous
  • valiant

This list names just a few!

He also gives a checklist for anyone who might like to find out if they have the leadership quality of a revolutionary.

Stone says you might be a Revolutionary Leader if:

  • your words can cause adrenaline surges and an increase in your listeners blood pressure
  • you inspire applause or verbal affirmation because audience or class members feel like they’ll explode if they do not validate what your are saying.
  • your are sickened by Christian leaders who “just do church” and never try to impact their community for Christ.
  • your philosophy is to ask forgiveness rather than permission, especially when speaking about a controversial topic.
  • your resonate with the phrase “I’d rather burn out then rust out.”
  • you see a plaguing problem or a crisis in the church as an opportunity to spiritually lead the necessary transformation.
  • you almost enjoy stepping on toes at times. (Refining Your Style, 65-65)

How about it?  Are you a Revolutionary Leader?

Dale Roach

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