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Retirement: Are You Meant to Retire?

retirement road sign 300x200 Retirement: Are You Meant to Retire?John, an electrical engineer, will be 88 years old next month. After nearly 70 years in the , he still goes to the office 2-3 days each week not because he has to , but because he wants to . You might ask, shouldn’t he retire and enjoy life? John enjoys life through his . He works as unto the Lord and offers back to with excellence the giftedness that was assigned and entrusted to him. John still values his and his company values his contribution. His right about leads him to enjoy and appreciate what he does.

From the very beginning, was assigned to man as part of ’s plan. Even before sin entered the world, (i.e. before the fall of man), placed man in the Garden of Eden and instructed him to “tend it and to keep it” (Gen 2:15). was assigned to man as a good thing, a holy endeavor and a sacred privilege. did not make a temporary thing. Nor did He assign man to quit working with a gold ring after 30 years on the job. Despite what many Christians believe, is not a curse, a necessary evil required to earn a paycheck, and the is not enemy territory where does not exist. These are myths, fallacies adopted by many believers in the . In fact, Himself was the first worker and He still works today (He hasn’t retired, yet!).

Please don’t get me wrong, not everyone should until they are 88 years old. We know there are many limitations that prohibit it. However, regardless of longevity, believers are required to possess a right and to adopt a right theology about their work.

Examine your about work. Is your work a necessary evil? Or, is it a God assignment? Is work drudgery? Or, do you work with excellence, diligence and joy because the Bible instructs it to be done “heartily as unto the Lord and not unto man” (Col. 3:23)? If your on work theology has been twisted, then align it to what the Bible teaches. Acknowledge that you’ve been gifted, called (Romans 11:29) and equipped by God for your work (Ex. 31:2-6). We may not all be blessed to work 70 plus years, but we can have a right .

’s perspective to the glory of the Lord.

David Cox

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 Retirement: Are You Meant to Retire?

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 Retirement: Are You Meant to Retire?
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