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Resolve Conflict by Making the First Move

To resolve conflict, someone needs to make the first move and pick up the phone, drop by or make a time to get together. The first move could be made by someone in the conflict or a concerned third party who may act in a mediator role. Often conflict is not resolved because nobody plucks up the courage or swallows their pride to make this crucial first step.

Is there a conflict situation where you could make the first move?

What is stopping you from making the call?

With Easter approaching in the coming week my thoughts turn to my belief that Easter represents God making a move towards us to fix our broken relationship with Him.

For many years I didn’t believe in the existence of a personal and knowable God. I ran my own life and did things exactly the way I liked. Although there were good times, I experienced a growing emptiness that I couldn’t seem to understand or fill.

Then, one day, I decided to read a book which I had been very critical of without having read it. I borrowed a Bible from a friend and as I started to read through the life of Jesus I was surprised to find a message very different to what I had expected.

I came to realize that the sense of unfulfillment in my heart was due to the fact that my relationship with the Creator was in conflict. By trying to be a “little god”, running my life I had neglected a relationship with the real one.

I believe that the story of Easter is about God making the first step towards forgiveness and reconciliation. By sacrificing Himself for us, Jesus offers us a personal and life-changing experience. Through His resurrection, I believe that the proof was given that we can have this relationship now and have a sense of peace and hope for what lies beyond this life.

I am really glad that God made the first move as I doubt very much whether I would have.

Whatever your view of Easter is, I hope that you find peace and hope during this season.

Steve Bagi

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