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Paving the Road of Greatness With Honor

Paving the road of greatness with honor!

The definition of honor is to highly value and consistently promote other people through my actions and my attitudes.

Three powerful truths about honor:

1. True authority flows from honor.

  • We honor when we accurately identify and consistently value the identities and roles of those on our team.
  • Honor is not just about obeying. It’s about catching the heart of your leaders so that you can see the wisdom behind their directives.
  • Honor calls us to be under authority so that we can be in authority.

2. Honor is unconditional.

  • Honor gives another what he needs the most, when he deserves it the least, sometimes at great personal sacrifice.
  • Honor demands that I affirm others’ strengths before I judge their weaknesses.

3. Honor promises great rewards.

  • Honor moves us from motivation to inspiration, from rules to relationship.
  • Honor promotes the two most valuable qualities of a team player – being coachable and being grateful.
  • Honor is the number one key to receiving from heaven.

“I have found my servant David in whose heart honor lives. He has attracted my favor and I will give him dominion and My arm will strengthen him. The enemy shall not outwit him, nor shall evil afflict him. I will beat down his fores before his face, and plague those who hate him. But My faithfulness and mercy shall be with him. His legacy will endure forever and his leadership will be as strong as the sun.”
Psalm 89:20-24, 35-37

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