Overpowering Personalities Can Kill Any Team!

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Over-powering personalities.

Have you ever been part of a group that has overpowering personalities on the team?  Everyone at some point or another has had to deal with an “overpowering personality” unless they themselves are that OP (Overpowering Personality)!  These types of individuals are not easy to deal with.  In fact, they can be a very difficult person to be around!  Now, those of us who have a strong moral base would never come right out and call an OP the name we would like to tag on them but OPs can make even the calmest person in the group very edgy!

Before a team can deal with an “overpowering personality” there must be an understanding of the traits of such a person.  Here are  just a few of the characteristics of those who have this trait.  As you read over these characteristics you may want to examine your own behavior because the last thing that anyone wants to be tagged with is the title of an Overpowering Personality (OP).

Traits of OPs

  • OPs can suppress the creativity of others on team.
  • OPs if gone unchecked, will discourage the involvement of those who are naturally shy.
  • OPs can deflate a team before it even gets off the ground.
  • OPs most often do not ask for help because they feel that they really do not need help.
  • OPs are fueled by their own arrogance.
  • OPs suppress honesty and truthfulness within the team.
  • OPs fuel anger.
  • OPs do not encourage others to be involved in a task which they are part.
  • OPs water down teamwork if they are not the leader.
  • OPs stifle the creativity of others on the team.
  • OPs insult the integrity of others.
  • OPs do not give credit away.
  • OPs can encourage the total and complete break-down of a team.

The Good News About OPs

OPs should not be seen as dictators.  The team can control them if the team will take them on.  That is a big challenge for many.  Most people do not like to be a part of conflict.  In fact, most people will walk away from conflict before engaging an uncomfortable situation.  OPs can be a great resource for the team if their personalities can be redirected to be an Outgoing Personality rather than an Overpowering Personality.  This will call on the team to work together. It is absolutely amazing what can happen when conflict is overpowered by teamwork.

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