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Lists of Burnout Quotes

Lists of Burnout QuotesDeveloping teamwork cannot be accomplished without a healthy understanding of dealing with burnout!

3 Stages of Burnout

Hans Selye identifies three stages in the development of burnout. First is the “alarm” stage, or what is called the “fight or flight” stage.  This stage of alarm is the stage that begins when anyone faces a challenge or a conflicting situation.  The next stage is what Selye calls the “resistance” stage, which has a longer life span than the “fight or flight” stage.  It is also the stage in which a person deals with issues more on a psychological basis.  The third and final stage is what Selye refers to as the “exhaustion” stage.  During this stage the alarm stage reappears and causes extreme fatigue, disease, disability and even death. (Wendell L. French, Fremont E. Kast, and James E. Rosenzweiz, Understanding Human Behavior in Organizations (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1985), 650-51.)

The following is a list of quotes dealing with the subject of burnout.  There are many opinions and ideas regarding this subject. Not only are there the personal influences of stress and burnout, but there are also the influences of culture.  Burnout and stress can even be brought on by the events that take place outside people’s circle of influence and direct involvement.

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