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A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

Like A Team - A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

Listen to That Little Voice

Listen to that Little VoiceHenry Cloud says,….”that the best way to fix a problem is not to have it to begin with.  Learn to listen to that little voice inside that tells you things like:

  • Things don’t feel quite right.
  • I really don’t feel comfortable doing this or agreeing to this.
  • This is not what I really want.
  • I don’t like what I am agreeing to.
  • This violates an important value.
  • I’m gong to resent this tomorrow.
  • I am going to resent this for a long time.
  • I wish this were not happening.
  • This feels the same as the last time.”

9 Things You Simply Must Do, Dr. Henry Cloud, pages 53-54)

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Dale Roach

Dale is the creator of "Like A Team."He has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years.The goal of "Like A Team" is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
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