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Leading Your Organization as a Servant

servant leadership metaphor Leading Your Organization as a Servant

Leading as a

I recently pulled a book out of my library entitled Leading Edge by . While scanning through the book I came across a section in chapter 2 entitled the “Seduction of Power.” At this point in his book Dale points out the second temptation of Jesus. Christ was urged to bow down to Satan and become ruler of all the kingdoms of the world.

are tempted on a regular basis to compromise to evil forces in order to reach their goals. Many times come to the conclusion that for success to take place shortcuts must be made. Moral goals cannot be accomplish by immoral behavior. So, what exactly is true leadership? shares this quote,

“Robert Greenleaf’s classic book, Servant Leadership opens with a powerful story. A group of persons are on a journey. Leo, a , accompanies the party and, while performing menial chores, sing songs and keeps the group’s spirits up. The trip goes well until Leo disappears. Then, the group falls into disarray …… The group simply cannot proceed without the Leo. One member of the group searches for years and at long last locates Leo. To his surprise, Leo, whom the searcher has only known as a , is actually the of the organization that sponsored the group’s journey in the first place. The is first—-that’s the moral of Greenleaf story ………”

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 Leading Your Organization as a Servant

Dale is the creator of "Like A Team."He has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years.The goal of "Like A Team" is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
 Leading Your Organization as a Servant
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