Leading a Team or Organization to Collaborate

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Leading a Team to CollaborateHow often have you attended a meeting, sat for hours, talked endlessly about a project or goal, got up and walked away to realize that absolutely nothing was decided or accomplished.  I cannot remember how many worthless meetings I have attended in my life, but one such meeting is enough for anyone.

The overall goal of teamwork is collaboration.  How do you get a team to combine their resources, talents, and goals in such a way that their action of working with other people produces or creates something beyond their individual abilities?  Vince Lombardi once said about collaboration, “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”

In getting a group of people to work together here are five basic actions:

Identify Strong Leaders
Every organization, business, volunteer group or church has people within the group that are leaders.  One of the worst thing to do while attempting to create an environment of healthy collaboration is to ignore those who are strong leaders within the group.  This does not mean that you give them full authority but it does acknowledge their influence.

Create a Consensus
Teamwork is all about working face-to-face to come to an agreement. It is the act of joining forces, teaming up and banding together.  Working together calls for participation and combining resources.  It is all about putting your heads together.

Design a Visual Strategy Map
Collaboration can best be orchestrated if each member of the team can see where the team is headed.  Talking about the plan is one thing, seeing the plan is altogether different.  Using a chart, clipboard, or power point will enable any team to have a clear vision of their direction and goals.

Recruit a Neutral Facilitator
Every team would benefit from a neutral facilitator.  To have someone who can be a coach for the team will be helpful.

Organize the Energies of Group Members
A good team is like a good orchestra.  When the resources and talents of a team can be brought together that team becomes extremely powerful.

Collaboration is an essential key for essential team development!

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