Leadership Skills Test for Personal or Impersonal People

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What is a Leadership Skills Test?

Have you ever taken a leadership skills test?  Have you answered the question, “What kind of leader are you?” Do you know if you are you a personal leader or an impersonal leader?

A leadership skills test can be helpful to determine whether you are a persona or impersonal leader. Before leading others, one must have a clear understanding of themselves.

Below are ten simple statements about personal and impersonal leaders. If any of these statements applies to the way you think, give yourself 1 point for each statement.

An Impersonal Leader

  1. Would rather work by themselves
  2. Does not feel comfortable in social settings
  3. Lacks the ability to discern the actions and behaviors of other people
  4. Are facts and figures people that
  5. Are perfectionists
  6. Sees reality in black and white
  7. Does not like small talk
  8. Are detached from other people
  9. Avoids conflict, believing it will just go away
  10. Does not engage in activities that motivate others

How many of these ten statements apply to the way you feel. Total________________

Personal Leaders:

  1. Enjoy working with others
  2. Like socializing
  3. Are perceptive of the feelings of others
  4. Are flexible in their management and leadership styles
  5. Are patient with others
  6. Are friendly with others
  7. Are empathetic
  8. Work hard to resolve conflict
  9. Set goals to develop healthy relationships
  10. Encourage and equip other people

How many of these ten statements apply to the way you feel. Total________________

After responding to these two lists, what kind of leader are you?

Impersonal leaders can make some contributions to an organization, but leadership is seldom their strong suit. Interacting with other people tends to drain impersonal leaders. These type of people seem to do better in areas of organization and detail work.

Personal leaders seem to be just the opposite. Detail work and organization frustrate these types of leaders. They enjoy personal interaction with other people.

With these facts known, here is something important to remember. Co-working and teamwork are the keys to any organization. Jesus showed this strategy behavior when he sent his disciples out two-by-two.

“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” ~ Luke 10:1

A good strategy for any organization would be to utilize the various skills of everyone to complement one another. Personal and impersonal leaders can work together.

Dale Roach

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