Job Description of a Coach

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The job description of a coach will include the following

  • Must invest enough time to get to know the person or persons being coached.
  • Clearly identify the context, mission, values, goals, roles, resources, accountability,
  • timeframe, and expectations before coaching begins.
  • Observe the person’s work closely enough to have relevant and substantive feedback.
  • Provide timely, candid, and specific feedback regarding what you observe.
  • Stimulate learning, growth, and performance improvement by asking appropriate
  • questions and making suggestions for paradigm shifts.
  • Listen reflectively and empathetically.
  • Always leave the client encouraged and feeling supported and empowered.
  • Help the client celebrate every victory in his journey of making the changes necessary for accomplishing his mission.

Coaching sessions build from one session to the other. The coach begins each session by reviewing what happened in the last session and asking questions that inform him of how the client is doing.

When a football coach enlists a new player, he knows that it will take time to mold this player into a fully engaged and productive member of the team. This is true when a coach begins the journey with a single individual or with a group of individuals.

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