Jethro Priest of Midian Teamwork Strategy

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Jethro Priest of Midian – Teamwork StrategyJethro Priest

The Jethro Ministry journey began with a simple question,

“How do you get church people to work together as a team?”

This question was the result of several other issues.

  • Why are some congregations finding it difficult to grow and prosper?
  • Why are they not using the human resources that the Lord has created within their fellowships to become powerful for the Kingdom of God?
  • Why are so many pastors and church leaders in conflict with one another? 

Some churches think they are doing well, but their character and behavior tells a different story.  Demonic forces never need to visit many fellowships because disharmony and conflict are already present.  This behavior reveals a problem.  An atmosphere like this hinders many people from thinking about going to church.

Several years ago I began to ask questions about the condition of  Christian fellowships.  I saw many of my pastor friends resigning from their churches and several of them resigning from the ministry.  I saw the behavior of congregations evolving into The Jethro Ministryconflict.  This behavior was fueled by disharmony and the appearance that they did not like worshiping together.

Why do many of the churches of God decline and lose hope?  For some churches, there is not a plan or a strategy for working together.  As I have seen this taking place over the past two decades, I came across Exodus 18. I began to read this scripture it in a different way.  I found myself listening to the advice of Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, in a new way.  Exodus 18 opened my eyes to a strategy for ministry that I had ignored or overlooked for years. This scripture opened my heart to the plan of a wise and godly man in creating an environment of teamwork for the people of God.  Jethro’s priest strategy and plan for Moses is simple and easy to follow.


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